Member System

JNPC's membership system has several categories, depending upon who you are, with different rights and obligations and membership fees.

  • a) Corporate Members

    They include newspapers, wire services and broadcasting companies and each corporate member company has the right to vote on decisions made at the General Meetings with "one vote for each".

  • b) Basic Members

    They are editors and executives of the Corporate Members and every Basic Member is entitled to be elected as a club officer and also to nominate new individual members.

  • c) Individual Members A

    They include reporters, editorial writers, news commentators and others employed at corporate offices located in Tokyo.

  • d) Individual Members B

    They include reporters, editorial writers, news commentators and others employed at corporate offices outside Tokyo.

  • e) Individual Members C

    These are the senior staff of Corporate Members involved in non-editorial activities including sections of advertisements, sales etc.

  • f) Individual Members D

    This category includes foreign correspondents, freelance journalists, researchers and former individual members in the categories of A, B and C.

  • g) Special Supporting Members

    They include staff of government and public offices, foreign embassies and international organizations who are responsible for publicity activities.

  • h) Corporate Supporting Members

    This category includes those involved in public relations of private companies that serve as news sources. Each Corporate Supporting Member is entitled to register the names of two individuals.


Category Initiation Fees Monthly Dues
Corporate Members 250,000 yen 44,200 yen(per membership lot)
Individual Member A none 4,700 yen
Individual Member B none 3,100 yen
Individual Member C none 5,100 yen
Individual Member D 25,000 yen 5,000 yen
Corporate Supporting Members 250,000 yen 53,500 yen
Individual Supporting Members 40,000 yen 8,800 yen
Special Supporting Members 25,000 yen 8,000 yen


Those who wish to join JNPC should follow the below procedure:

  • 1. Submit the Application to the Secretariat of JNPC. Application form is available at the Secretariat. Applicants for the Individual A-D Members, Corporate Supporting Members or Special Supporting Members are requested to submit their applications through their recommender.
  • 2. Two recommenders are necessary for each application. Only Basic Members are entitled to be the recommenders.
  • 3. The application will be screened by the Membership Qualification Committee and referred to the Board of Directors for their final decision on acceptance or rejection.
  • 4. When admission has been approved, the Secretariat will inform the applicant and, at the same time, invoice him/her form the initiation fee and club dues and send him/her prescribed papers, including the membership registration file card.