Japan National Press Club

Japan National Press Club

Japan National Press Club has been providing a forum for journalists and opinion formers to meet and get their message out to Japanese and international audience since 1969.

From April 1, 2011, we have shifted to the new status of Koeki-Shadan-Hojin (Non-profit public interest organization status granted by the Government Committee). This is a proof that we exist for the public good. We are determined to continue to be a forum to provide information that helps the public form well-considered opinions on matters of interest and concern.

What is JNPC?

Japan National Press Club (JNPC/Nippon Kisha Club) is Japan's only truly national press club which counts as its members all the national and local daily newspapers, broadcasting companies and news agencies. Here in its well-appointed facilities, journalists can meet important and interesting news sources, Japanese and foreign. Since its foundation in 1969 JNPC has been consistently operating as an independent organization, of the press, by the press and for the press, with no financial support from the government.

What does JNPC do?

Approximately 200 professional events are organized annually by JNPC involving Japanese and foreign guest speakers: politicians, businessmen, academics and other news makers and opinion formers. JNPC's professional events include press conferences, press luncheons and study sessions. [Study sessions involve lectures by experts on a wide range of topical issues, providing member journalists with in-depth knowledge and background information.]

JNPC also organizes "social activities" including an exchange with well- known foreign journalists visiting Japan, and "national evenings" held in cooperation with foreign embassies to present interesting aspects of their countries and are participated by club members and their families. Film previews are also conducted about once a month.

Who runs JNPC?

It is Japan's major news organizations that are primarily responsible for the operation of JNPC. The board directors and committee members of JNPC are recruited from executives and editors responsible for reporting operatons in major newspapers, wire services and broadcasting companies, and the working journalists are kept foremost in mind when it comes to the JNPC's activities.

JNPC's activities are made possible by the dues and fees paid by member newspapers, wire services and broadcasting companies and private members. The Club is an entirely independent organization financed by them.

Quick History

Japan National Press Club (JNPC/Nippon Kisha Club in Japanese) was established in November 1969 by the cooperative efforts of major newspapers, wire services and broadcasting companies with the aim of staging official press conferences by state guests and other VIPs from home and abroad. Its first chairperson was Mr Shiro Hara, at that time Executive Managing Director and Chief Editor of the Yomiuri Shimbun. At the time of its inception JNPC had 144 corporate members with 733 individual members.

The Club operated in a rented room in the Imperial Hotel, before moving in August 1976 to the current Nippon Press Center Building in Uchisaiwai-cho where it had, for the first time, facilities specially designed for media-oriented events including press conferences and gatherings, as well as restaurants, bars and a lounge for relaxation and entertainment.

The membership system was also liberalized and its doors were opened to foreign correspondents, retirees from news organizations, press and public relations staff of foreign embassies, private companies and other organizations. JNPC currently has nearly 2,400 members, including about 140 Japanese and international news organizations.

How JNPC can help you

While functioning as a forum to provide journalists with opportunities to meet opinion formers, JNPC also provides an excellent opportunity for visiting dignitaries to put their message across to Japanese and international audience. Conversely, staff of foreign embassies and international organizations can get information on where Japan stands and is headed by attending JNPC's press conferences.